Hi! I’m Jane Colt. Welcome to my site. Originally from the East Coast, I’m married and have returned to Massachusetts after living in California for a while. I’ve written a few nonfiction books in connection with my current job, and I’ve decided to transition to erotic romance as my next career.

I write fun, upbeat stories. No dark, brooding, broken, tortured guys who need fixing. Just great, handsome, smart, sexy, ‘real men’ whose only weakness is being unable to resist the women I pair them with. 

I especially want my heroines to be as sexy and passionate as they desire. And who’s to say they always limit themselves to guys? 😉 You can count on the fact that my couples end up in love and having great sex!  . . . OK, maybe they have the sex first!

By the way, my current profession is 180 degrees from writing erotic romance. “Jane Colt” is a pen name. If anyone at my “day job” knew I was doing this, they’d be shocked! So, shhhhhh.



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