Runaway Bridesmaid




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Imagine discovering (too late!) that a particular champagne turns you into an uninhibited sexual dynamo. Imagine discovering this inconvenient truth when you’re the maid of honor at your best friend’s wedding. What do you do when you awaken from your night of passion in bed with the drop dead sexy best man and are shocked at what you’ve done?

Emily panics, bolts from the hotel in the middle of the night and takes the first plane home. When Kirk tries to contact her, she simply texts, “That wasn’t the real me. Please forget it ever happened.” Kirk, however, has fallen in love with her. And he’s sure that—deep inside—she feels the same for him. He’s heartbroken.

A few years later, Fate gives the couple a second chance. Kirk is hired by Emily’s company as a consultant for a project she’s working on. The project team is to spend a week in the Santa Monica mountains racing against a deadline.

Still unsettled by how unlike herself she was with Kirk, Emily keeps up the ‘it never happened’ pretense and acts as though they’ve never met. Kirk is still in love with her, so he plays along, certain he’ll be able to win her heart. She begins to be won over by what a good guy he is—and can’t deny the original physical attraction she felt for him. But then something happens and  she’s gone again!

Can Kirk do the impossible and win her back?

“Wedding sex.” Emily’s ‘inner Slutbunny.’ Kirk’s unrequited love. A dangerous rockslide. A helpful Siberian Husky named “Rufus.” And don’t forget that champagne! Can their love blossom with the spring flowers amid all the drama?


Jane says: “A good friend of mine is getting married, so I got motivated to go back and revise an earlier story (“Love in the Mountains.”) I’d give it to her as one of her wedding presents, but I’m afraid she’d recognize some of the details. . . . About her? . . . About me?  . . . It would be wrong to tell!”

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67,000 words.

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