First reactions to Red Rock Romance

“Emotional, sexy and forbidden, Jane Colt tells a story that is not only scorching but filled with heart and unforgettable feels. This was addictive and compelling. This author is a profoundly talented author who has found the perfect way to steal my heart. She had me so emotionally invested that I didn’t even realize she had so completely pulled me into her story until it was over. This is honestly the best student/teacher book I have ever read in a long time. Who does not love a hot and steamy forbidden love affair but this book is so much more than that.” Anonymous reviewer


I’m thrilled to announce the publication of “Love and Two Fourths” as part of an anthology of seven stories contributed by members of Passionate Ink, the erotic romance chapter of the Romance Writers of America. All proceeds will be donated to ProLiteracy. It’s available now on Amazon electronically and in paperback.

 Love at first sight on one Fourth of July turns into heartbreak on the next. If Anne is open to other–very different!–possibilities, maybe there’s a silver lining.